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Question: Do you have a store and do you sell dive equipment?

Answer: We do not have a store and we fondly recommend numerous local dive stores that we have a good relationship with. Also, not being bound to a store all day free's us to concentrate on our students and their needs.

Question:What gear do I need to begin Open Water Class?

We strongly recommend that you have what we call “Personal Gear.” This includes: Mask, Snorkel, Booties and Fins. However, we also recommend that you wait until following the first day (night) of class so that we can advise you toward a proper purchase of quality gear. We sometimes assist with shopping trips to assure proper fit and comfort.

Question:What equipment do I need besides personal gear? Can I rent?

Our relationship with numerous local stores leave you with numerous resources for good gear to use while training.

Question: Some dive stores can expedite classes because they use local springs. Can you do the same thing if we're in a rush to get certified?

This common question has a couple of answers regarding how and where we teach. First the issue of time… Scuba diving is not the kind of sport where you can be certified in just one day. NAUI Standards dictate that there must be five open water dives spaced over two days (don't forget we need to do at least six hours of pool work on a separate day). We enjoy doing our first day of open water dives in local springs as well (I never get tired of the natural beauty of Florida’s springs and they should be enjoyed first hand by new divers). Most people however endeavor to get certified so they can dive the ocean. Following our pool sessions and fresh water dives, ocean diving is an important part of the well rounded diver’s education. And, for your first time in the ocean don’t you want your instructor to be with you??? Finally, we can expedite your training around your schedule. Talk to us to discuss your particular needs.

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