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Orlando Scuba Lessons, Classes, Training and Underwater Diving and Snorkeling Instruction

NAUI Risk Awareness

Chapter 1- Introduction to Scuba Diving

Chapter 2- Diving Equipment - Basic Equipment, Cylinders Regulators, Additional Diving Instruments, Buoyancy Compensator, Weight and Weight Belts, Diving Suits, Accessory Equipment

Chapter 3- Diving Skills - Snorkeling Skills, Assembling and Donning Scuba Equipment, Entering and Exiting the Water, Mask Skills, Regulator Skills, Buoyancy Skills, Safety Skills, Buddy System, Communication, Handling Your Scuba Equipment, Navigation Skills

Chapter 4- Diving Science - Direct Effects of Pressure, Buoyancy, What is Pressure, Your Body under pressure, The Anatomy of Your Lungs, Indirect Effects of Pressure, Thermal Effects of Diving

Chapter 5- Decompression, Dive Tables, and Dive Computers, Nitrogen and Diving, Dive Table Overview, Dive Table Organization, Dive Planning Worksheet, Special Rules Using the Dive Time Calculator, Using Dive Computers

Chapter 6- Dive Planning and Recording, Dive Planning Dive Recording

Chapter 7- Problem Solving - Diving Situations, Assisting and Rescues, Emergencies and First Aid, Diving Practices

Chapter 8- Diving Environment - Physical Characteristics of a Site, Entries and Exits Water Conditions, Visibility and Temperature, Moving Water and Its Effects, Marine Life, Conservation and the Environment

Chapter 9- Diving Activities - Getting the Most From Your Open Water Scuba Diver Certification

NAUI Green Diver Initiative

Scuba Diver Educational System
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