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Orlando Scuba Lessons, Classes, Training and Underwater Diving and Snorkeling Instruction

Descriptions photos and links to Great Florida Dive Sites that we utilize for training and FUN!

Blue Spring
Located just 30 minutes north of Orlando is a true wonder of nature. Blue Spring is a first magnitude spring with a discharge of about 162 cubic feet per second (about 72,710 gallons per minute). We dive to a depth of about 60 feet (any further is considered a cavern dive and requires special training/certification).
   This is a special dive where you are able to observe the different strata of limestone that has been carved by continuous flow. Visibility is typically beyond 100 feet if divers have not stirred things up to much. This is an excellent Advanced Diver training dive.

De Leon Spring
Minutes from Blue Spring (above) is this beautiful spring which was once a Native American burial ground. The flow from the spring quickly clears the water from the many scuba certification classes that are held in this spring. With a maximum depth of 30, this location is perfect for the new diver to explore; confident with the new skills they have mastered in previous pool sessions.

Blue Grotto
Enjoy visibility of +200 feet (provided you stay out of the mud and don't disturb the silt). This privately owned spring has over geologic time collapsed and blocked the flow from the Florida aquifer. Being a closed system (no cave entrance) this is the perfect place to enjoy a cavern dive of up to 100 feet. With platforms constructed for scuba class skills demonstrations, and even an air bell at 30 feet under the cavern ceiling; you'll find yourself longing to come back to this beautiful site on days when the weather prohibits forays to your favourite ocean reef.

Peacock Springs
Beneath the north Florida woods and trails are miles of tunnels, rooms and passage ways. Welcome to cave country! To explore the vastness of this system you will need to complete rigorous cavern and cave training following your initial open water diver course. However, Orange Grove sink is waiting for you during your basic scuba course. Following your skill demonstration your instructor will show you just a glimpse of the underwater beauty what awaits you later as you progress through your diving career.

Alexander Spring
Located in the Ocala National Forest is this beautiful first magnitude spring. With a maximum depth of just 30 feet, and always gin clear water this is a perfect location for your first open water dive. The friendly fish and pristine habitat make this a wonderful location for both snorkeling and scuba.

Devils Den
For a surreal diving experience, you will not want to miss Devils Den. The steps leading down to the dive site take you into a subterranean chamber where tree roots grow down through what is now the ceiling above the water. The name was given to this spring by the early settlers to Florida when they saw misty fog rising from the cavern on cold winter mornings. The temperature however is always a comfortable 72 degrees. Cooling during the Florida summer heat, and warm (by comparison) during the cold winter days when the ocean is too cold to dive.

Walt Disney World Epcot Center Living Seas (a saltwater reef dive in Orlando Florida!)
NAUI is the official sponsor of this little known local diving treasure. You will dive with friendly sea turtles, grouper, and even a nice collection of sharks (don't worry, they're well fed by Disney staff, so divers are off their menu). We do frequent trips following your certification, and we recommend that you bring the entire family to watch you play—then enjoy dinner and watch the evening fireworks while you enjoy the rest that Epcot has to offer.

Weekie Wachie Springs
If your dive briefing includes the instructions not to: poke, prod, hold, grab or otherwise harass the mermaids (they are federally protected under the marine mammals protection act), you must be diving at Weekie Wachie Springs. This unique Florida attraction that predates Disney World by over twenty years is available to scuba divers to explore between mermaid shows. The constant 74 degree water is constantly cleansed by the springs output of over 1.7 million gallons of fresh water daily. The crystal clear springs are perfect for your open water check out dives, and this is also a favoured site for scuba passport students.

West Palm Beach
With beautiful reefs teeming with abundant life only three hours from Orlando, WPB is where we head to first for saltwater dives. This area has everything from shallow beach entry dive sites, and even wreck diving for the more adventurous. The dive boats and captains we work with commonly accommodate new divers and check-out dives. Its all waiting for you as you finish your basic scuba training program.

Flower Garden Reef
With an average depth of about 55 feet, this reef is a perfect place for your first salt water check out dive. With abundant soft corals, giant barrel sponges, giant green morays, and teeming with tropical fish; this dive site will draw you back again and again as there is more to see in Flower Garden Reef than you could possibly take in, in a lifetime of diving this reef. This is nearly everyone's favourite dive!

Breakers Hotel Reef
Located exactly east of the famous Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach is a beautifully pristine reef that is a favourite for macro photographers. You will explore and see nature's complete ecosystem with life forms ranging from the microscopic, all the way up to large grouper and turtles, and the occasional nurse or reef shark. With an average depth of about 55 feet, the sandy area's just off the reef are a favoured place for instructors and students to perform necessary scuba skills. You'll then tour this beautiful reef, drifting with the currents from the Gulf Stream as you take in the breath taking views.

Governors Walk
Several years ago, Florida Governor Jeb Bush mandated the sinking of three water craft (one of them a sizeable freighter) that were seized in "the war on drugs." This is now a very popular dive site just off the inlet near Palm Beach. With an average depth of about 90 feet, this is a good exploratory dive for your advanced scuba class. You will see how soft corals, sponges, and fish have claimed these boats, and how a new ecosystem thrives today for the enjoyment of divers and fishermen. Drifting away from the main wreck, this is a good spot to see turtles, moray eels, and sometimes even a bull shark near the end of the last wreck.


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